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Lacerations & Wounds

Rapid Care for Injuries in Southern Delaware

Bayhealth Emergency and Urgent Care Center, Total Care provides prompt care for moderate and traumatic injuries throughout Milton and the Greater Southern Delaware area. Our state-of-the-art facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we are equipped with cutting-edge equipment and imaging technology to deliver quality diagnostics and treatments.

Not all wounds constitute an emergency. However, you should visit our ER/Urgent Care facility if:

  • Bleeding will not stop even when direct pressure is applied
  • The wound is deeper than half an inch
  • Blood soaks through the bandage
  • The wound was caused by a rusty object, dirty object, or animal bite
  • An object is stuck in the wound
  • Challenges moving the affected limb
  • There is a threat to loss of limb
  • You feel disoriented or lightheaded

Latent Wound Emergencies

Even mild injuries can become more traumatic if infection takes hold. This can happen when the initial wound does not receive proper treatment or if it is not cleaned and cared for consistently during the healing process.

6 signs of wound infection include:

  1. Warm, swelling skin around the wound
  2. The wound shows no sign of healing after a week
  3. Unusual odor coming from the wound
  4. Discoloration
  5. Your pain does not lessen
  6. Difficulty moving the affected area

While an infected wound might not constitute a visit to an emergency room, you should receive treatment as soon as possible to avoid worsening symptoms. Our urgent care facility is available to treat non-life-threatening infections, and our physicians and nurses will evaluate your injury, provide care, and provide you with aftercare tips, so you feel confident cleaning, disinfecting, and bandaging your wound.

Our emergency and urgent care facility is open 24/7. Contact us today to learn more about our laceration and wound care treatments.